Mayan Art Exhibit


We are pleased to announce a small online exhibit of ancient Mayan artifacts from Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, including ceramic vessels as well as two stone sculptures.  The exhibit features classic Mayan polychrome ceramic vessels painted with a variety of elaborate glyphs and deities, including the Maize God and Serpent Deity.  Some of the ceramic vessels depict whimsical animals native to South America including monkeys and capybara.  Also on view are a stucco head of a Mayan ruler and a rare stone relief carving depicting a Jaguar God.  All of the objects in our exhibit were originally acquired by the Hana Gallery in Tokyo, Japan, prior to 1970.  If you plan to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current Mayan exhibit, LIVES OF THE GODS: Divinity in Mayan Art, on view through April 1, please feel free to schedule a visit to see our Mayan collection as well.  The show is on view at our Upper East Side gallery, available by appointment only at 212-794-0389.