Colombia: The Golden Treasure of the Sinu


THE GOLDEN TREASURE OF THE SINÚ represents one of the largest and most important assemblages of goldwork created for the Pre-Columbian Sinú elite that exists today outside the Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) in Bogotá, Colombia.
The Sinú, a Pre-Colombian culture, flourished from approximately 200 BC to AD 1660, populating the valleys of the Sinú and San Jorge rivers as well as the coastline along the Gulf of Morrosquillo. The works in this collection represent the pinnacle of artistic virtuosity generated by a complex and economically successful society that was in it’s prime from AD 1000 - 1500. Sinú gold treasures buried in tombs drew Spanish Conquistadors from across the world, and Sinú goldwork is still regarded as one of the great metallurgical traditions of ancient South America. This superb collection comprises over 100 unique and definitive objects. Many of these works are superior in quality and artistry to comparable examples housed in museum collections in the United States and Europe.
The Golden Treasure of the Sinú is attractively laid out and contains 124 large format pages. (12.5” W. x 11” H.) There are 67 beautifully printed color plates, followed with 100 small color images cataloging each piece in the collection.
The book is organized by type of ornament. The gold objects encompass a range of exquisitely crafted ornaments that would have been coveted in Sinú culture and worn by high status individuals. The ornaments include pectorals, nipple ornaments, nose ornaments, necklaces, pendants, musical ornaments, cuffs and rings, phallus covers, staffs of office, and hunters’ insignia. The book also contains a section describing the authentication process, with a 20-page authentication report by metals expert Dr. Anna Bennett.
Author David Bernstein has been a Pre-Columbian expert and gallerist for over 40 years. The book was edited and designed by Vanessa Drake Moraga. The collection has been authenticated, catalogued, and assessed by several experts, including the late Robert Sonin, who along with Warwick Bray, PhD, Professor Emeritus at the University of London. Dr. Bray is regarded as one of the great authorities on Pre-Columbian cultures from Colombia.

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